The day I met my dog

Arya Bark Earny German Sherpherd | Female | ~25.02.2018 It started off as any other day. Bright skies, no clouds. Nothing to shelter us from the persistent grilling sun. It was going to be a long day. Little did I know, I was going to feel love for the first time, again. The kind of … Continue reading The day I met my dog

Shape of tube

Sing this to the tune of "Shape of you - Ed Sheeran" The store isn’t the best place to find an agar So the lab is where I go Me and my friends at the table weighing tubes Filling fast and then we autoclave C’mon and start up an experiment with me and Trust me … Continue reading Shape of tube


Words uttered, mostly remembered words written, stand corrected words in order, bring glory words disorder, sing fury different minds, different games yet same rules do they go by run the race, It's the rabbit's forte but fail again, we will mock your brain mediocre, be the clones these days free will, sold to whatever pays … Continue reading Exams

Doge life

Open me eyes and squint around got a big doggo doin' me a halp close my eyes and repeat again got a hooman thing cuddling in vain strange tongue he seems to speak for the smol pupper, it's ancient Greek so I see his face to deduce the mood he's impawtent to me, so I … Continue reading Doge life