Bypass your mind. Not your genes.

Fiction has been a vital part in the history of human beings. It helped pave way to understanding, communication and cooperation between large sets of individuals, often with contradictory belief systems. Storytelling has been an important ally in bringing people together for various purposes and this imagined reality, enabled large-scale human cooperation based on myths … Continue reading Bypass your mind. Not your genes.


Words uttered, mostly remembered words written, stand corrected words in order, bring glory words disorder, sing fury different minds, different games yet same rules do they go by run the race, It's the rabbit's forte but fail again, we will mock your brain mediocre, be the clones these days free will, sold to whatever pays … Continue reading Exams

The workout paradox

Did you go to bed last night thinking about how early you needed to wake up to squeeze a morning workout into your day? Only to barely open your eyes and re-evaluate all your life goals, determine sleep to be your own ally in this big bad world and struggle to reunite with sleep until … Continue reading The workout paradox