Shape of tube

Sing this to the tune of “Shape of you – Ed Sheeran”

The store isn’t the best place to find an agar

So the lab is where I go

Me and my friends at the table weighing tubes

Filling fast and then we autoclave

C’mon and start up an experiment with me and

Trust me I’ll give you a chance, now

Take some agar, stop

Put a gram in the solvent

And then we start to plug

And I’m singing like

Girl you know I want your tubes

Grab on a rack and put some tubes in it

Come on now, follow my lead

Come, come on now follow my lead

Mm…hmm hmm

I’m in love with the depth of you

We push and pull like a cotton plug do

Last night you were in the fumes

Now my lab coat smells like you

Everyday rediscovering something we knew

I’m in love with your test tube

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