Dog hair

Single I may be yet bundle you shall see pinch of arrogance that comes from raging genes light enough to fly with the wind but long enough to clog your sink call your killers, make me wait i'll burn to ashes, be their bait roll me out, the best you can but my retribution got … Continue reading Dog hair

The day I met my dog

Arya Bark Earny German Sherpherd | Female | ~25.02.2018 It started off as any other day. Bright skies, no clouds. Nothing to shelter us from the persistent grilling sun. It was going to be a long day. Little did I know, I was going to feel love for the first time, again. The kind of … Continue reading The day I met my dog

Doge life

Open me eyes and squint around got a big doggo doin' me a halp close my eyes and repeat again got a hooman thing cuddling in vain strange tongue he seems to speak for the smol pupper, it's ancient Greek so I see his face to deduce the mood he's impawtent to me, so I … Continue reading Doge life