I feel I'm not exactly same Without the daily dose of lame I've been a bit extremely keen To relive every scene that's been I wake up searching for your face and that's when life hits like a mace Hold still, let me take a picture but my mental lens need a new structure Worry … Continue reading Distance

Banana – Sing along (Havana – Camila Cabello)

Banana, oh na na you make my bowels move, oh na na oh na na felt like I just found some nirvana, na na na oh and my heart is full o' banana there's something 'bout your fibres banana, oh na na you didn't walk with up with that, "how you peelin'?" (when you came … Continue reading Banana – Sing along (Havana – Camila Cabello)

Bypass your mind. Not your genes.

Fiction has been a vital part in the history of human beings. It helped pave way to understanding, communication and cooperation between large sets of individuals, often with contradictory belief systems. Storytelling has been an important ally in bringing people together for various purposes and this imagined reality, enabled large-scale human cooperation based on myths … Continue reading Bypass your mind. Not your genes.

Dog hair

Single I may be yet bundle you shall see pinch of arrogance that comes from raging genes light enough to fly with the wind but long enough to clog your sink call your killers, make me wait i'll burn to ashes, be their bait roll me out, the best you can but my retribution got … Continue reading Dog hair

Woh ladki – Arya stark’s version

Ek sanwari si aurat baawari si gusse mein jangal kee aag jaisi jo mera zikr sune bhool se bhi tarqeebon se sinhaasan ho dhaanpti si woh Cercei mil jaaye toh kehna haan... woh Cercei mil jaaye toh kehna agla episode me, main use maarne ke liye chalti ho, par hamesha ke liye nahin woh Cercei … Continue reading Woh ladki – Arya stark’s version