Fire and water, space and air

can you name two better pairs

I called them home for a tea party

they stayed up in the roof attic

they loved my place, wanted to move in

I needed friends, so I let them hanging

time went by in a decade per sec

then came centuries without a soundcheck

before long, I had too many children

I couldn’t organise a party without killing some of them

time changed and my friends did too

the wind blew and made jewels move

the children wanted everything that shone and glittered

they chased a wagon full of greed and depression

they killed each other trying to mark their presence in the pack

but forgot they were killing their own siblings from the back

some found their gods in their hearts for a while

others looked for newer gods to heal and stand by

kings of the jungle started dying by the pride

human leaders seemed to pop up with every tide

Internet, social web, technology, use them well

friends and family, make sure they know you love them swell

but confusion took over them and overtime these interchanged

they loved them phones and social web, those bound by blood were left to ebb

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