Doge life

Open me eyes and squint around

got a big doggo doin’ me a halp

close my eyes and repeat again

got a hooman thing cuddling in vain

strange tongue he seems to speak

for the smol pupper, it’s ancient Greek

so I see his face to deduce the mood

he’s impawtent to me, so I guard the dude

I trained him well, with all the good bait

he gib me treats and bols when i sit straight

I do a lorge bork when it’s time for potty

he even files my nails cause i’m the right hottie

I walk him down the long road

he needs the work, he’s a fat toad

most days he says, he has to go to work

I know he’s cheating on me, with that beagle jerk

he comes home to me with a furry stench

how dare he gib pats to a strange wench

but he’s my hooman, i forgive his acts

cause he loves me more than those damn cats

he also stays with me when i’m sick to breathe

and cleans my mess while still holding me

a wise doggo, just once said

that the eyes are doors, to the hart’s bed

looked into his eyes, there was a little angel

staring back at me, oh hek, bamboozle!

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