Long ago, in the days of old there lived a wizard in a lamp of gold he longed to be out in the open but cursed he was, to serve the humans rub the lamp, three times over three wishes and he'll grant your favour first wish, was for a pretty thing that I could … Continue reading Girlfriend

Pen caps

I opened my eyes there were others like me twins, I thought to myself but clones they turned out to be freshly moulded, they said we were but we knew not who "they" really were our job was fixed but the hours changed some used us often others barely touched most shoved us with things … Continue reading Pen caps


Small be my build yet loud is my mouth huge is my guild in the land located south hear me roar or purr in your ear misplace me and learn what is fear throw me around or yank at my neck I'll work half heartedly to keep you in check you will need me in … Continue reading Earphones


They look to me in an hour of need They need my skill for a color fill For a date, gala or a funeral You think not? Don’t be delusional Try me on, I’ll enhance your look Lots of shapes and colors in the book Need a cry, feeling emotional? Look no further, we’re now … Continue reading Eyeliner